Identify. Invest. Enhance.

Bridging Japan, China, and the United States with strategic international investment opportunity.

The Capbridge Group has expanded its platform with investments into several complementary businesses that enable it to better leverage the firm’s relationships and capabilities, providing enhanced value to both its capital partners and the companies into which the firm invests. The firm’s operating businesses and invested entities include: a fully licensed discretionary Japanese real estate asset management company; a real estate development firm; a loan servicing company; and a senior living and elder care operating business.


Capbridge operates based on a value investing philosophy that seeks to identify market inefficiencies and formulate strategies to capitalize on those dislocations. These investment programs span a range of risk/return profiles, regions, and asset classes. The firm organizes its core investment businesses into two segments: Real Estate and Private Equity.


Significant real estate planning and development requires extensive experience; exceptional design and market sensibilities; and extremely high standards of quality, taste, and execution. Capbridge Pacific seeks to deliver culturally and environmentally friendly real estate projects that create added business and value to the communities we operate within.

Asset Management

Capbridge has an established track record of enhancing capital value by maintaining an active management focus throughout the entire real estate investment cycle. The senior principals of the firm have directly executed and managed over USD 4 billion of real estate investments throughout the Asia Pacific region over the past 15 years.