Capbridge operates based on a value investing philosophy that seeks to identify market inefficiencies and formulate strategies to capitalize on those dislocations. The firm organizes its core investment businesses into two segments: Private Equity and Real Estate.

We follow a merchant banking business model whereby its teams originate, underwrite, structure, finance, and operate both real estate hard asset and entity level investments with a select group of aligned investment partners. Capbridge follows disciplined, research driven process and maintains a vigorous management focus throughout the life of all investments.

The Capbridge Strategic Process:

    Real time analysis and forward thinking sets strategy. Energetic network utilization identifies specific assets.
    Appraising tangible limitations against as-it-happens market data provides for deep analysis of prospective investments.
    Rigorous due diligence, refined financial analysis, and sound strategic business and asset plans: these are just the basics of Capbridge underwriting.
    Development and implementation of the proper capital structure addresses risk adjusted return objectives to be realized through merchant banking.
    Implementation of project and strategy specific business and development plans actualize the highest asset value for each investment.
    Accountable, defined, and process driven asset management with state of the industry transparent reporting and valuation keeps investments on track.
    Through depth of platform, team experience, and superior execution, Capbridge provides multiple exit options to achieve exceptional investment results.

Private Equity

The firm’s private equity investment activity has focused on opportunities we can apply our expertise in corporate restructuring/recapitalization to enhance the value and performance of both public and private businesses. Capbridge’s initial private equity focus was in the finance sector following the 2008 global financial crisis. More recently, that strategic focus has shifted to the Asian healthcare sector.


Aging Asian populations in both China and Japan require a dramatic increase in senior care, wellness education, facilities, medical services, and technology across the spectrum from independent senior living through high acuity care. Capbridge believes a compelling opportunity exists in today’s market to develop a new Asian healthcare platform and brand focused on senior care, preventive medicine, treatment and rehabilitation. Rather than build organically from the ground up, the firm’s current focus is the acquisition, repositioning, rebranding and integration of existing mid-sized senior care and hospital operators that can be consolidated into one efficient regional operating platform.

Portfolio Companies

Vivid Senior Living


Vivid Senior Living is a joint venture established in 2015 with California-based Integral Senior Living, one of the top senior living operators in the United States. Vivid is focused on delivering innovative, best-in-class management services to senior independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities in the China market.

Real Estate

The Capbridge real estate investment programs span a broad range of risk/return profiles and geographic regions. The firm targets diverse asset classes for its Portfolio and Opportunistic strategies including hospitality, healthcare, senior housing, and apartments.

Opportunistic and special situations investing is done on a one-off basis while Portfolio programs are undertaken based on research-driven investment strategies or tailored to the specific criteria of our investment partners. After identifying opportunities in underserved markets with compelling demographic trend lines, we tailor Portfolio programs to further maximize value by creating business operating platforms based around the acquired assets and scaling up the portfolios to ultimately provide access to debt and equity capital markets.


Significant real estate planning and development requires extensive experience; exceptional design and market sensibilities; and extremely high standards of quality, taste, and execution. Capbridge Pacific seeks to deliver culturally and environmentally friendly real estate projects that create added business and value to the communities we operate within.

Asset Management

Capbridge has an established track record of enhancing capital value by maintaining an active management focus throughout the entire real estate investment cycle. The senior principals of the firm have directly executed and managed over USD 4 billion of real estate investments throughout the Asia Pacific region over the past 15 years.